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The Mideast

What are enlightened people to do when thinking about the Mideast, and war in general?   The answer, as all metaphysical truths, is deceptively simple!  Don't give energy to it!  Visualize everyone as young, healed, with their right mate, prosperous, and living in the Garden of Eden.  That's what I do with the Mideast, I see it as Heaven on Earth.  With the knowledge of quantum mechanics, which is just the scientific explanation for "Divine Substance," we now know that what we put our attention on exists.  We "project our perception," (A Course in Miracles), until we heal our minds and extend the knowledge of God. 

Our "problem" is, we don't want to take the true responsiblity for our thoughts that we have as extensions of God!  "Healing is a threat because it means you'd have to be responsible for your thoughts." (ACIM)  The other "problem" is, you find the solution when you are ready for it!  This entails having no fear of the solution.  That conflict has gone on so long because people want it to.  My feeling is, someone's making lots of money over there; wars are profitable.  Plus, the ego mind LOVES conflict.  (I call it "grinding on.")  It loves to grind on offenses to distract us from our true identity as part of God. 

I also think of these things as a kind of release valve for all the negativity that people are not clearing.  It's a Mt. Vesuvius of ego, letting the pressure out.  (This concept is not intended to increase guilt in anyone.)  The point is,"Clear thyself."
When you understand how powerful our thoughts are, why would you give it any attention at all?  Stop wasting energy thinking about what you DON'T want, and put all that energy into thinking about what you do want, as though you already have it.  Having creates having, wanting creates wanting. 

As enough of us do this, this conflict will dissipate.  It's kept in place by thought.

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Mary E. Diederichs is a dancer, singer, actress, model, choreographer, teacher, and published poet.  She has a BA from the University of Washington.  She has studied spiritual healing for many years.

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