House of Opulent Rich Witch!

Mary E. Diederichs--Spiritual Teachings!

Recommended Healers!

"Healing is essentially the release from fear."--A Course in Miracles

"The Holy Spirit will never add to your fear."--A Course in Miracles

Huna:;  Serge Kahili King 

Percussive Suggestion Technique:;  Thanks Tim Phizackerley!

Peter Hulit:   massage, breathwork, etc.; 

Dawn Stansfield:;;  425-453-8180;  "It's a New Day" radio show on KKNW 1150 am

Leonard Orr:

Gary Craig, Tina Craig:  EFT;

Jon Mejia:  EFT, EMDR, and plenty more;

Mrs. Puja Kanth Alfred:  EFT, etc., beautiful loving support for PTSD and more;;





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