House of Opulent Rich Witch!

Mary E. Diederichs--Spiritual Teachings!

Recommended Reading!

A Course in Miracles--Jesus' beautiful correction of the ego mind.  A MUST read!

All books by:

Annalee Skarin--a Master who ascended in the 1950's.  She explains how she did it, using Love, Praise, and Gratitude to God!

Linda Goodman--Master astrologer; also writes on physical immortality, Right mates, etc.

Sondra Ray--Rebirther who explains breathing, healing, and physical immortality!

Leonard Orr--developed Rebirthing and explains it and spiritual purification practices in simple detail!

Joanna Cherry--offers many practices for self clearing and concentrates on ascension!

Stuart Wilde--humorous metaphysics with a special emphasis on money!

Shastriji--"700 Verses in Praise of the Divine Mother," excellent for ceremony, available at

Eckhart Tolle--"A New Earth"--a brilliant treatise on release from ego mind! (Thanks Iris!)

Eugene E. Whitworth--"Nine Faces of Christ"--beautiful explanation of the Master path, essential for any serious spiritual student

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)--see Gary Craig's website for a free manual  


EFT home page by Gary Craig--

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