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In the quest for higher vibrational energies, (and therefore more prosperity), I know from experience and observation that it is imperative that one uses regular spiritual purification  practices.  Lower vibrational energies get stored in the cells and subtle bodies, and must be cleared.  This is why dealing with things from a purely mental perspective doesn't work to effect lasting change.  The techniques I use are based on the elements (interestingly,  they are also the astrological signs):  fire, earth, air, and water. 

Fire Purification:  Sitting with fire literally burns energy out of the cells.  This can be any size fire; the bigger, the more purification.  Fireplaces, campfires, candles, etc., they all work.  I like to do ceremonial burnings.  I take my burning bowl and place in it some ghee (purified, clarified butter), epsom salts, and anything else that feels good, such as flowers, chocolate, make it personal to you.  I write down my prayers, fold it up, place it in the bowl, pour in some alcohol, and light.  I sit in front of it and pray as it burns.  I like to play mantras during the burning.  (Make sure it's on a fire- safe surface!)  Once it's done burning, dispose of the residue immediately, either outside or down the toilet.  You want the old energy gone!  Burning things takes it directly to God.  Incense is good for this, too.

Earth Purification:  Affirmations are essential to raising vibration. My current, favorite abundance affirmation is "I am fabulously wealthy, I am incredibly rich now," from  Changing the deep, negative subconscious thoughts that are creating everything must be done to create and hold higher energies.  Mantras are also good for this.  Exercise daily, preferably outside.  It moves the energy out that you are releasing and grounds you.  Meditation on the elements is very healing; Nature cleans and takes away pain.  Choose movement that is enjoyable to you so you keep up with it.  Read spiritual books, the positive thoughts raise energy.  The regular media is so negative and has its own agenda.  I most recommend "A Course in Miracles."  Move toward vegetarianism and a raw food diet.  Dead food lowers energy, live food raises it.  Fasting is important, as digestion is a real drain on the body's energy.

Air Purification:  The most powerful purification techique I have found so far is breathwork.  I do Rebirthing breathwork, there are lots of different kinds.  Breathwork brings up your unconscious thoughts and releases them.  It creates incredible healing and youthing of the body.  It heals everything, since everything is Mind.  It brings you in vibrational congruence with what you want , by releasing all contrary energy.  The more I breathe, the better everything gets!  I mentioned mantras above.  Since the spoken word creates, chanting is very powerful.  Classical music has the highest vibration, and was seeded by the Masters for the purpose of raising our vibration. 

Water Purification:  Bathing twice daily cleans the energy body.  I shower right after I get up, and bathe before sleep.  Submersion in water heals "guru belly," the collection of negative energy (both our own and that which we pick up from others) that creates a belly that sticks out.  Be sure to submerge both your feet and underarms in the water;  they have the biggest cells in the body, and the water will open the pores and release toxins (from Elisabeth Gray, raw food expert). This is why it is not wise to use underarm deodorants with aluminum in them.  Use a deodorant mineral stone, instead. There is warm and cold water breathwork, done with a snorkel.  This is NOT recommended until you've had enough sessions with a breathworker first.  The water activates suppressed material more quickly.  Drink lots of purified water, a gallon a day is not too much.

These are the elements of my "Spiritual Purification Lifestyle."  These habits raise my vibration, heal me, and create a much more pleasurable life for me! 

Remember, abundance is at root a FEELING that you must get into your cells.  These techniques will do that.

Mary E. Diederichs is a dancer, singer, model, actress, choreographer, songwriter, teacher, and published poet.  She has a BA from the University of Washington.  She has studied spiritual healing for many years. 

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