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In the word "fortune," we can Lexigram the words "for tune" and "tune for."  (Lexigrams are a kind of "spiritual anagram."  See Linda Goodman's "Star Signs" for more.)  As we know that all of life is vibration, proven to us now by the quantum physicists, it is obvious that the word fortune is telling us that we must get in its "tune" to have it.  We must be in its vibration!  What is a tune, or what is the meaning of to tune something?  It's vibration, or to find the right vibration.  To have wealth, for example, we must ALREADY BE in its vibration.  We must FEEL wealthy, think wealthy, and act wealthy. 

This involves feeling that we already have it.  Having manifests having, wanting manifests wanting.  Work with your feelings so you feel you have whatever it is right now. See yourself having and enjoying the wealth, etc., right now.  Go physically into Cartier and try on that diamond necklace!  Use techniques such as breathwork and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique for a free starter manual) to change the energy in your body to come into vibrational harmony with your desires.  Once you've "embodied" something, it's yours.  This may be one of the Higher Purposes to our having bodies, to tune them to the desired frequency.  Your body will feel it when you are in a lower frequency.

The underlying principle to all this is the cosmic principle of Oneness.  "I am One with God!"  This is the correction for the lie of separation we took on and keep projecting onto money, love, our bodies, etc.  Use your "Great I AM" only for good, and only good manifests.  Reread the Bible with the idea that every time they mention "I, me, they, him," etc., they are really referring to YOUR use of the Great IAM.  It is Oneness that heals and manifests, not separation.  Every healing and demonstration is the result of the knowledge of Oneness.

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Mary E. Diederichs is a dancer, singer, model, actress, choreographer, songwriter, teacher, and published poet.  She has a BA from the University of Washington.  She is a long-time student of spiritual healing.

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