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The Divine Mother (Why I'm Not a Feminist)!

The Divine Mother is the creatrix of all that is.  She is the Ultimate Source of all, including us!  My favorite definition of Her is from the book "Nine Faces of Christ" by Eugene E. Whitworth:  She is the "source of gods."  The female energy creates everything, including male energy.  (This is I think the true source of a lot of the problems men have with women;  we all know this underneath it all.)   The "Immaculate Conception" seeds for us the Absolute Supremacy of the female God Force.  Worshipping the Divine Mother, whose energy is flooding this planet again at this time, brings everything you've ever wanted, including physical immortality.  She is unlimited.

I have always been a huge devotee of Her, even before I encountered Her in this form.  My lifelong love of beauty, glamour, luxury, diamonds, entertainment, and Elizabeth Taylor is just Divine Mother worship.  I always wanted MORE feminine energy, and knew that was where true power lies.

The reason I am not a feminist is because feminism (very incorrectly) told women to be more like men.  Women are powerful in their female energy, not by aping the forms of male power.  Men are already doing that, we don't need more.  Feminism also devalues female beauty and sexuality, very important and totally legitimate parts of female power. The inability of feminism to deal appropriately with this subject was always a huge red flag for me.(A friend, after reading Camille Paglia, commented to me that feminism and right-wing religion were very allied.) It also told women that our sexuality is like men's, which it is NOT.  The natural female selectivity makes for better relationships, and creates bringing children into a situation where they will have the necessary male energy.  There is NOTHING liberated about having sex with a bunch of men who don't care about you, having STDs, and raising children alone!

 Women got sold a bill of goods;and bought it hook, line, and sinker.  I really see this in how hard most teenage girls are now.  No one is teaching women how to use their female energy to inspire men, and get everything they want.  Men, by the way, totally get this.  And, being solution-oriented, they will find ways to get the feminine energy they need (and it IS a "need" for them).  Why do you think they go to strip clubs, etc.?

I have long felt that feminism was seeded by forces that wanted to prevent women's true liberation, which only comes from embracing your femininity.  In my own healing process, one of my healers, Peter Hulit in Los Angeles, suggested I find a public figure to use as a role model. I told him I had already found her, and it's the character Loni Anderson created in "WKRP in Cincinnati," Jennifer Marlowe.  (Many thanks to Loni for this!)  She's the healthiest female character I've ever seen portrayed anywhere; a true female master; gorgeous, intuitive, and she never gave her power away.

 What I'm talking about has to come from the inside, by the way.  It's totally not about your man or job or thighs or anything!  It's about YOU getting a grip on your true essence.  I feel that cases of breast cancer and gynecological problems stem directly from this suppression of the feminine, in which women willingly participate.  It's OK to be powerful, it's way more fun, and makes for happy men and children, too!

I have statues from Bali that show the male figure literally coming out of the female, She creates Her Mate!  "Native" cultures hold a lot of Truths that we do well to recognize.  In order for women to get back into our true feminine power, it's important to take a look at our fears and guilt around being powerful.  An easy way to do this is the Truth Process (from Sondra Ray):  simply write on a piece of paper, "My negative thoughts about being fully powerful as a woman are,"  "My payoffs for not being in my full feminine power are," and "My fears of being in my full feminine power are." Just write down whatever responses come up, and then turn them into affirmations.  Ideally, you'll also breathe these negative thoughts out of the body.  At the end of each section, you can also write, "My most negative thought about being fully powerful as a woman is," "My biggest payoff for not being fully powerful as a woman is,"  and "My biggest fear of being in my full feminine power is,"  and write the responses.   I notice that a lot of women suppress themselves to have a relationship, which makes for sub-par relationships, and is not necessary.  We can now create the Higher Thought on these things, "I can now be fully powerful as a woman and be with my Right Mate!"  Exciting!

I'll write much more on this topic.  See the work of the great astrologer, Linda Goodman, especially her book "Gooberz," all of Camille Paglia's work, and "The Satanic Witch" by Anton Szandor LaVey (female power WAS considered "Satanic"!) for more information. 

For more information on the Divine Mother, contact the ashram in Colorado, . They have pictures of Her murti (statue with a living presence) etc.  There is a Divine Mother Temple there, too.

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Mary E. Diederichs is a dancer, singer, model, actress, choreographer, teacher, songwriter, and published poet.  She has a BA from the University of Washington.  She has studied spiritual healing for many years.

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