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I have watched with interest the drama surrounding the death of Anna Nicole Smith, and the outpouring of compassion towards her by fellow celebrities and others.  I wonder if she knew she was as loved as she was.

Being very interested in maximizing female power and in the Divine Mother, as I am, I immediately threw the whole thing into the bag of, "She didn't own her power."  She had everything she needed to have a fabulous life and ended up drug-addicted and dead, with vultures around her. 

Anna's mistake was in not valuing herself, in not owning her female power and knowing what she brought to the table.  Women who really love themselves don't take drugs and hang out with men who are beneath them!  She was not able to turn her beauty and intelligence into much of a career, either. 

I like to imagine what Anna would have been like, had she owned herself.  She would have been beautiful, successful, and rich; and she would have held herself and everyone around her to the highest of standards.  She would have felt loved FROM THE INSIDE (that's the secret!) and would have manifested accordingly.  She would have been telling everyone else what to do, instead of being victimized.

Instead of giving power away to the external, do the work to feel good from the inside and act upon your true desires.  Use your intuition (your innate connection to the voice of the Divine Mother) to discriminate in everything, people, business, etc. 

Bring out your Light from within, instead of looking without.  You'll eliminate the vampires and get on with your spiritual mission!


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Mary E. Diederichs is a dancer, singer, model, teacher, published poet, and a longtime student of spiritual healing.  She has a BA from the University of Washington, Seattle.

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